Hello, I'm Toby.

I made this site during my gap year before college in 2017. After a bit of a retirement, I'm bringing it back to showcase some of the side projects I've worked on over the last few years.


To Quantify or Not to Quantify?

An Op-Ed About Measurement in Foreign Policy

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Unlocking Reform Recommendations

A Semi-Automated Survey of Policy Reports

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To What Degree Can We Design Society?

An Integrative Lit Review on Collective Intelligence

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How to Think About Voting Systems

A Fortified Article

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The Application of Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces to Regularization in Machine Learning

A Functional Analysis Thesis

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Simulating the Cultural Evolution of Language

An Exploration of ABMs in Linguistic Evolution

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No 3 in a Line

Finding New No3 Placements Using SAT Solvers

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3D Scanner for Computer Vision

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Totalistic Cellular Automata

An Applet for Simulating Cellular Automata

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This Website

A Gap Year Project in HTML & CSS

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Based in Boston.